Meet Team Renovo!

This year we thought we would take a moment to highlight our wonderful staff and give you a little sneak peek into our team.

We will be featuring a different employee/staff member each month, so be sure to check back every month to meet someone new!

This month’s Employee Spotlight is focused on Alejandra-you might have seen her in the culinary space helping with breakfast, setting up your meeting space or assisting with one of our events-we couldn’t do what we do without her on our team!

Meet Alejandra!                                                                                                                                                                                     

Q. How Long Have You Been Working at Hotel Renovo/Heart of America?                                     

5 years at Hotel Renovo, 11 years w/ Heart of America!                                                                                                  

Q. What Department Do You Work In/Job Title?     

I am a server for the culinary department.

Q. What’s Your Favorite Movie?


Q. Do You Have Any Pets?


Q. What’s Your Favorite Food?


Q. Favorite Sports or Hobbies?

Shopping & Purses

Now that you know a little bit about Alejandra, be sure to say hello next time you are having breakfast with us!

Look out for the next Employee Spotlight feature during the first week of June.